Great Divide & Tattoos

Well! The last post certainly divided the comments section! The post caused a reaction in people that I never anticipated – but thank you to all who posted their own thoughts. I enjoyed reading them. It seems that Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Coehlo were the big winners (or losers) in the meme. But when such books are so popular and considered such classics by our society there are most certainly going to be some who absolutely detests it. I’m surprised that nobody mentioned “Harry Potter” though …

I found the most fantastic site that gathered pictures of bookish tattoos. Many are quotes or scripts from their favourite texts or pictures from their favourite picture books. I’ve been wanting to get a small tattoo for almost two years now and I’ve always thought that it was just my literary obsession rearing it’s ugly head. But seeing these – I think my obsession is fairly minor! Some of the art is absolutely stunning. Fascinating viewing.


One comment

  1. Wow, those are pretty cool! Interesting that some quotes came up several times. I doubt I’ll ever get a tattoo but thinking about the bookish possibilities is going to entertain me for a while…

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