Musing Mondays

My first Musing Monday because it’s a quick post. 🙂  I’ve been busy working on my thesis which is due next week. Yikes!

Could you narrow down your reading to a favorite genre and author? Why, or why not?

I can see a pattern in my reading. I mostly read books defined as ‘literature’, Classics and sometimes Crime. If I’m reading crime, I tend to go for Agatha Christie though. However, I do like to keep my options open and occasionally dabble into fantasy and horror.



  1. Welcome to Musing Mondays and good luck with your thesis. I also enjoy horror and fantasy…forgot to list those on my list. Easier question for me would be what don’t I like…lol.
    Have a great day.

  2. Howdy. I’m just starting to get into agatha christie. I read across the board and don’t stick to one particular genre. Good luck with your thesis – lots of hard work. My post is up. Come visit my blog when you have the time.


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