I must be very insane to attempt nanowrimo this year seeing that I have just finished a year long effort on my honours thesis. This will be my first nanowrimo and I’m not doing too badly so far. I signed up on the 5th November so I’m behind a few days. But so far, I have almost 7000 words – 42,000 to go! I’m writing blind and with no plan whatsoever. So far, I’m been consistently surprised at how the plot is turning out. My subconscious scares me sometimes. I’m writing things that I had never had the intention to write, nor did I have the idea. It’s actually quite fun.


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  1. Well, seeing as an honours thesis is not supposed to be fiction and NaNoWriMo is, they’re obviously completely different!

    The honours thesis was just practice for typing.

    Good luck with it! =)

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