Medieval Treats

Do you start feeling peckish when you are reading stories set in Medieval times? Their infamous long feasts and banquets that lasts for days on end?

Well, Medieval Cookery has collected hundreds of recipes from Medieval England, France, Germany and Italy and has translated them into it’s modern day meanings for us. The site has even catagorised the recipes for vegetarians, freezer-safe and travel-safe.

So next time you’re reading about King Henry VIII’s decadent gorge or Queen Elizabeth I’s week long banquet, you too can whip up something similar in your own kitchen. What a great idea for a website!

Personally, the sweets section looks so appetising that I might give it a go although I’m no whiz in the kitchen. The meat section makes me feel slightly queasy though.



  1. While meat was a prominent part of the typical medieval European diet (for both the poor and wealthy), almost half of the days in the week were “meatless days” – when eating meat was forbidden by the church.

    I’ve been doing more research lately into vegetarian and fish dishes, largely because there is so little information available on such an important aspect of medieval daily life. If you’ve got any specific questions or are looking for a certain type of recipe, let me know and I’ll do what I can to find an answer.

    Daniel Myers

  2. What a coincidence that I’ll be treated a medieval dinner for my birthday tomorrow (I know, the party is still on…)! I should go check out these recipes and see what I might be having.

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