Musing Monday

A new Musing Monday by a brand new host. 🙂

How do you feel about wide-spread reading phenomenons – Harry Potter, for instance, or the more current Twilight Saga? Are these books so widely read for a reason, or merely fads or crazes? Do you feel compelled to read – or NOT to read – these books because everyone else is?

I have no issues with these mass, crazed phenomenons. I think whatever gets people reading is great. The only thing I dislike is if the people begin to shun reading these books and only go and watch the movies. Of course, a mass reading frenzy has to be needed to start of the movie franchises. Fads or no fads, I think these ‘blockbuster’ books cannot do any harm. There are high chances (my own stats) that those who pick up a Harry Potter or Twilight may go on explore other books. They might like to read more on classics and mythology or even astronomy as a result from reading Harry Potter. I haven’t read Twilight and I have no desire to nor do I feel compelled to read it. I’m curious, of course, but…

I’m a Harry fan by the way although not of the movies. The books are much more vivid.



  1. Yep, if you only watch the movie you’re definitely missing out. I’m not a huge fan of either series but there’s something exciting about how massive they’ve become. I just with some of MY favourites would get made into movies!

  2. Thats a good point about the reading of these popular books leading to wider reading. I think that’s the beauty of a book like Harry Potter – it’s a wonderful story, but it also has so much in it to encourage further reading.

  3. You are totally right. I love Harry Potter and friends at work were into Twilight, so I started reading that as well. I wanted to definitely read before the movie came out and I fell in love with that series. I am an avid reader, but any good book will make me search for others like it and while I was never quite into vampires, I branched out to Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire Mysteries and P.C. Cast’s House of Night.

    So yes, reading is good…and whatever gets people reading is even better.

  4. Koshermuffin – yes, I branched out to Charlaine Harris after watching the amazing ‘True Blood’ but I think it’s the reverse in this case – I like the tv adaption much more than the books! The books are awful! So awful, they’re quite good…

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