Bookish accessories

Hello everybody! I’ve hope everybody has a safe New Year’s celebration. I’m back from my break and the only books I’ve read are Agatha Christie’s.

To start the year off, I though I’ll share a lovely link I found recently. It’s a little late for Christmas gifts but perhaps for other future birthdays or celebrations. Reader’s Niche has many unique bookish accessories available for reasonable prices. From jewellery (I’m lusting after their ‘Poetic bracelets’) to bookends and bookplates to various reading tools. It’s a site worth checking out to satisfy bibliophiles when books aren’t enough. 🙂



  1. It is the new year, isn’t it? One should always by themselves something nice to celebrate the new year. Yeah, I just made that up. But that’s the story I’m telling to justify the insane amount of money I’m about to spend…

  2. J.S – I completely agree. New year, new things! And buying bookish things doesn’t really count as spending money because they’re book stuff… what did you get?

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