Booking Through Thursday

This week’s BTT

The opposite of last week’s question: “What’s the best ‘worst’ book you’ve ever read – the one you like despite some negative reviews or features?”

I’m going to have to go with Harry Potter. 🙂 I didn’t get into until after the fourth book was released and it was only by chance that I picked up a copy of the Philosopher’s Stone that was lying around while I was waiting in a lengthy library queue. I didn’t read the book, and I wasn’t going to, but I had nothing to read one day so I picked it up from the bottom of the pile, read the first page, sniggered a bit (Dumbledore? Bahahaha!) then, as they say, the rest is history.


  1. Loved the harry potter books, except the last two. Like you I didn’t get into them till the fourth one was out. My brother was reading the third book, so I picked that one up after saying Harry Potter is stupid and well…like you, the rest is history as well 🙂

    ~ Popin

  2. I suppose last week’s and this week’s question are really the same one. It depends on how you look at the question. A good book can be bad and vice versa.

    Harry Potter comes and go like smoke to me. I didn’t remember a thing about the story.

  3. I read the first book but it didn’t do it for me. My best ‘worst’ books are something I read in my teenage years – a norwegian author called Margit Sandemo and her “Icepeople”. I still read them from time to time just for the “sentimentality” or something.

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