Dan Brown newie – dun, dun, dun

So it was announced this week that Dan Brown will finally release a new novel this September entitled The Lost Symbol and again starring Robert Langdon, the Harvard symbolist who also featured in Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code. When this is released it will be five years since the now infamous Da Vinci Code was released and there will no doubt be huge pressure resting on Brown’s shoulders.

I think it is so remarkable how a single book could become so popular simply by word of mouth. I remember sitting on the train each morning and every second person was reading Da Vinci Code. I think I’m one of the few who feels no shame in saying that I enjoyed it immensely. Despite what everybody else says about the thin plot or weak characters, I thought the plotting and subject matter was fascinating and fun. It got me thinking about art history and symbols and religion. The research that Brown takes to his books should be applauded. The fact that he takes liberties with his research is his prerogative and to make the research into fiction is his artistic choice. If nothing less, Brown’s novels are thrilling and fun reads.

Anybody else going to have a look in into his new book? Will you hold it on the train, in full view of the public, or will you wrap plain paper around the covers?



  1. Haha…I would be the one who refuses to be seen reading it in the public. I did enjoy the story of Da Vinci Code. For a quick pleasure read, it’s served its job.

  2. I could not bring myself to like the Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons. But as one who has read many Matthew Reilly books I’m definitely not going to hold this one against you 😛 My mum loves Dan Brown, so I’m sure I’ll end up reading this new one at some point, in the comfort of my bed…

  3. By the time that this comes out, seeing everyone reading this book will be a nice change from seeing every second person reading a Stephenie Meyer book. I’ll be borrowing it from the library.

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