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This week’s MM

Do you remember how you developed a love for reading? Was it from a particular person, or person(s)? Do you remember any books that you read, or were read to  you, as a young child? (question courtesy of Diane)

My parents weren’t, and still aren’t, big readers but mum did always encourage me to go to the library which was only a 2 minute walk from our place. I remember one of the very first books I read by myself (well, I followed the words while listening to a cassette) was Noisy Nora. I moved along to various picture books but I remember that I was never really interested in picture books and I’d skip that section and go browse through the YA section even though they were still pretty difficult. Much of my childhood was consumed with YA series – Goosebumps, all of Sweet Valleys, Baby-sitter’s Club, Baby-sitter’s Little Sister, etc. Sweet Valley was the major player though along with Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton.

Reading was never difficult for me and I never struggled with it. In primary school, I was always chosen to help other kids read, and when I was older, to go listen to the preps read. My love for reading was probably cemented after reading Roald Dahl’s Matilda though. Wonderful story and pictures.



  1. I read a lot of the same books when I was younger. Enid Blyton sounds really familiar but I need to look her up. I loved Baby-sitter’s Club and Sweet Valley.

  2. I skipped Babysitter’s Club and Sweet Valley (read a couple of the Twins & Friends, but found it hard to get into them for some readon). Roald Dahl’s Matilda was one of the best books I read though! And I was extremely partial to The Witches and Charilie & The Chocolate Factory as well!

  3. Hey my childhood tastes are really similar to yours!!!

    Sweet Valley High I read because I wished I could be tall and thin and blonde and blue-eyed and a twin. Lolcakes.

  4. I was very much like you, as if reading was my second nature. My parents were busy working and I discovered my interest in reading on my own.

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