Away in the Grown Up World

I have been pushed to the limit these last couple of weeks and attempting to juggle everything in my life. At times I wonder when I became such a grown up when I remember very clearly I would not turn into one of those people where work is their life. But this is only for a temporary basis so I can live with it. It certainly gives me taste though.

As a result, I’ve been a little out of the bookish world. Just some tidbits here:

  • Two new Poirot stories have been uncovered from Agatha Christie’s holiday house. They’re short stories, sketches Christie made, before they’re turned into novels. These will be included in a book on Christie with reproductions of her notebooks that will be released this September.
  • Carlos Ruiz Zafon’s newie, The Angel’s Game, is FINALLY out in Australia. I’ve waited a year for this translation (the Spanish version was released last year) so I’m very excited to read it. However, I must get a copy first!
  • I finished reading Lucky, Alice Sebold’s memoir. It’s one of the most traumatic books I’ve ever read. Sebold is a swift writer and manages to hook you in despite the horrible events that happens to Sebold. I highly recommend it but I don’t recommend reading it before work!


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