Booking Through Thursday

This week’s BTT

Follow-up to last week’s question:

Do you keep all your unread books together, like books in a waiting room? Or are they scattered throughout your shelves, mingling like party-goers waiting for the host to come along?

This was the reason why I didn’t participate last week’s meme – all my TBR books are scattered everywhere. It’s pretty incredible that I am able to remember where they all are. If only my memory was this good in exams. My TBRs sit patiently amongst other well-thumbed volumes on the bookshelf, sitting in various piles on my desk, above my desk, on a box next to the desk and beside my bed. The poor, innumerable TBRs. And yet I continue to add to the ever frightening pile…


  1. I had tried putting some books on my desk but they’re filling up the space quickly, so I’m now putting them on the floor so at least it won’t topple, LOL.

  2. Goodness, I can’t imagine having my books scattering everywhere – I may have to search for that book I want to read next *LOL* But I’m sure your books love you despite what happen to them 🙂

  3. I keep adding to my pile too. Sometimes I sort my books into read and unread, but then when I add more and read more they get scattered.

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