Kreativ Award

I received a nifty award in purdy colours from Elena the other day.


The receipient lists 7 things they like and 7 blogs they like. A lot of sevens and a lot of liking here but there’s plenty of love in the bibliophile blogosphere.

Things I like:

  1. Bookshelves. If I can’t say books (because that’s self-explanatory) then I must say bookshelves. The hours I have spent on Flickr looking at other people’s shelves is quite embarrassing.
  2. Travel. I haven’t travelled extensively but hopefully in the next year or so I’ll be able to do that One Big Trip that everybody simply must do at some stage in their lives.
  3. The Sims (1, 2 &3). Love ’em.
  4. Food. I’m a foodie. I’m not that fussy about what I eat (However, I do have a slight aversion to prissy fine dining. There’s more to life than strategically placed cutlery and plates) and I could never be those girls who pick at limp salads.
  5. Night. Stars, the moon and the navy sky is when I am at my best. I’m a night person. I did my best essays at 3am.
  6. Stationery. Moleskines are my favourite but any quality and beautiful piece quickens my heart.
  7. Mushi. It’s my little bitty Pooh bear that I had since I was 12. It’s been through a lot – the little red t-shirt has been lost, the ‘Made in China’ tag long ripped off and its fur all but faded but it still brings warmth to my heart when I give it a prod. 🙂

Blogs I like:

I don’t reguarly follow many blogs but these make up the core of it.

  1. A Guy’s Moleskine Notebook. I know, Elena also gave this award to Matt but his blog is one I follow regularly. He covers a wide range of genres and authors, book reviews are insightful and intellectual and despite receiving scores of comments, Matt always find the time to reply.
  2. Reading Matters. One of the first Lit blogs I discovered. Kimbofo writes original and interesting posts and keeps me updated in the going ons of the book world.
  3. Biblioaddict. J.S. Peyton is as book obsessed as all of us and her posts and comments on all things bookish are fun and insightful.
  4. Booklust. While her blog used to concentrate solely on books, Patricia now blogs mostly about the art and cartoon world. Why? Because she’s an amazing artist!
  5. Robaroundbooks. An original and large site and blog, Rob covers an amazing array of bookish things including my personal favourite, Bookshelf of the Week.
  6. The Boston Bibliophile. Marie blogs about all sorts of things, from book reviews to ethics of book reviewing.
  7. People Reading. Captures everyday people reading on the streets of San Francisco. It’s endlessly fascinating to see what people are reading and a really great concept for a blog.

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