Musing Monday

This week’s MM.

Do you have a favourite publishing house — one that puts out books that you constantly find yourself wanting to read? If so, who? And, what books have they published that you’ve loved? (question courtesy of MizB)

Previous posts might have given readers a heads up regarding my publisher preference. I tend to really notice titles released by Penguin and Text Australia. Penguin has a really strong marketing strategy and are innovative in the way they go about making their audience aware of the classics. I’m not too familiar with Penguin’s contemporary titles though. Text is one of my favourite local independent publishing houses. They release quirky and interesting titles and the fact that they are independent and local gives them oomph.


  1. I think you are more aware than most people – I usually only notice the publisher if I need to edit book info on GoodReads. I don’t know anybody who pays any real attention to publishers when choosing a book. Here’s my response.

  2. I wonder if that’s true in other countries outside of the U.S. I can’t find the specific link, but YA author John Green talked about some changes that were a-foot in Australia’s publishing business that were likely to make things more difficult for authors (and local Australian publishers).

  3. Publishing companies are intriguing things. In my class the other day were discussing how publishers undermarket themselves, so the result is that giants such as Penguin dominate the market because they just have better brand awareness and advertising, etc. I have to check out Text Publishing, they sound interesting.

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