Books Alive

The latest book guide for this annual event has been released. This year, if you buy a book listed in the guide, you get a free copy of 10 short stories by authors including Toni Jordan (Addition), Melina Marchetta (Looking for Alibrandi) and Tom Keneally (Schindler’s Ark). Alternatively, you may choose the latest title in the Grug series! It’ll probably help if you have young children but I’m glad to see the Grug back.

Some of the selected 50 titles (“50 books you can’t book down”) include new releases such as Rapture by Nikki Gemmell and The Slap by Cris Tsiolkis, Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts and Dear Fatty by Dawn French.

This year’s selection seems much better than previous years where I found there were too much chick-lit and fluff – which isn’t a bad thing since it is trying to encourage the masses to pick up a book. The free book of short stories isn’t too bad too but I’d prefer the offer that occured during the first year of Books Alive where you got to pick from a selection of published books. I picked Geraldine Brook’s Year of Wonder and it was so worth it.

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