What I’m Reading on Mondays…

First timer for this meme.


I finished The Plague by Albert Camus this week. Marvellous and awe-inspiring. It’s one of those books that has so many layers that you already know from the beginning that you’re going to have to read it again and again to fully understand it.The book took awhile to finish due to several reasons: a) Bombarded with uni work and have been working non-stop and b) Camus isn’t really something you can take onto the crowded train filled with screaming teens and drunks. One needs to savour Camus and that environment really isn’t ideal.


I’m halfway through In Cold Blood by Truman Capote and it is bloody fantastic. The story is shocking, of course, and it isn’t really ideal bedtime reading because it is so brutal but the writing! The writing! The way Capote builds up suspense and characters and settings – it’s all tremendously effortless and effective. I replaced Camus with Capote for my train/tram rides.

Lined up:

This is How by M.J. Hyland. As if I haven’t raved about her enough. Prepare for more raves and sickly gushes.



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