Booker Prize Shortlist 2009

This year’s Booker Prize shortlist has been announced. The list looks really good and looks much better than previous years. The titles are:

  • The Children’s Book by A.S. Byatt
  • Summertime by J.M. Coetzee
  • Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel
  • The Glass Room by Simon Mawer
  • The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters

The entire list is now on my TBR list. They all sound fascinating particularly The Children’s Book. Wolf Hall probably has the best cover. However, the list appears to favour more prominent and established authors – or perhaps that a coincidence.


One comment

  1. That’s what all the other blog posts seem to imply – they’ve gone for the big names, instead of the big stories. I haven’t read a single one of the above, but I have started reading The Little Stranger, and I have a copy of Summertime as well.

    I’m really looking forward to The Glass Room, and I’m not sure if I’m up to taking on the challenge of Wolf Hall.

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