Booking Through Thursday

This week’s BTT:

Do you think any current author is of the same caliber as Dickens, Austen, Bronte, or any of the classic authors? If so, who, and why do you think so? If not, why not? What books from this era might be read 100 years from now?

This is a difficult question and I’ve pondered over it during dinner. These are some authors I think will be a classic in the next century:

Margaret Atwood – for her visionary and wonderful writing such as The Handmaid’s Tale, Oryx and Crake, The Blind Assassin and Alias Grace.

J.M. Coetzee – I’ve only read one of his books but it was so wonderful that I think I’ll like the rest of his books. He’s also quite prolific for the quality of his writing and the issues he writes on.

Harper Lee – To Kill a Mockingbird. Enough said.

And of course, the existentialist writers – Albert Camus, Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre.

There are so many more authors that I think will pass the test of time: Vonnegut, Nabokov, Toni Morrison, George Orwell, Truman Capote…





  1. Ooh, I agree with all of those, and I thought of Harper Lee too after I put up my post. I didn’t think of Nabokov either but that’s spot on. Who could forget Lolita!! And how did I forget Capote, when he has written one of my favourite books (In Cold Blood). Love this question.

  2. Don’t Forget Stephen King 🙂 He might not be the greatest in term of literary but I think everyone know who he is tho they never read his works…he is like a rockstar in book industry

    I believe he will still be remembered even after 100years

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