Musing Monday

This week’s MM.

Are your bookshelves strictly books only? Or have knick-knacks invaded? Do your shelves also shelve DVDs? Photos? Why not snap a photo – I’m sure we all like to spy on other’s shelves!

This has to be one of my favourite bibliophile tendencies: having a good perve on other people’s bookshelves. I’ve also been known to spend some time on Flickr having a gander at dozens of annoymous shelves.

My shelves are largely books only. At the moment, there’s barely any room for all my books let alone other bits and bobs. Right now, I’m trying to get a new bookcase but there’s limited room in the house. It’s an endless struggle – which could be helped if I stopped buying so many books.

The main bookcase. Yes, that’s a feather stuck there on the side. I used to have a habit of peeling off the price tags and sticking them everywhere as a memento.The bottom shelf is cut out and it’s a bit of mess. There are wooden planks (?) supporting the shelves.

I have two shelves filled with largely classics.

Here is the other. I promise I’m not secretly spruiking for Penguin (but if you would like, I’m up for hire!! 🙂 ). There’s a large gap between Stoker and Wilde since I’ve taken out Thackeray and Tolstoy. They’re sitting by my bed.

Can you spot Harry Potter?

This is the small bookcase I managed to squeeze into my room. There’s still some space here. Hurrah! These are mainly new acquisitions or books I recently finished. I keep library books on the top of it and various bookmarks and postcards.

Finally, this is the shelf on my desk with books I’m meant to read, started reading or used for studying. The pile is completely random. Notebooks and book catalogues are somewhere in here too. I love the little monk who’s reading. I don’t know why I have an empty plastic container there.

So there you have it. My messy, reading life. Come to think of it, it really looks like I don’t have as many books as I thought I did. And I still haven’t read all of them.


  1. Hi!
    Nice shelf of books. That is a lot of books. I can see why there aren’t any knick knacks there, there’s no room. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  2. Oooh, that many Penguins. I love the Penguin classics covers, and I’m specially partial to the new white ones! I see the Harry Potters as well – nice!! You seem to have some fantastic books there {1984, Fahrenheit 451, Great Expectations, Dorian Gray….}, and so many of the books are on my wishlist!

  3. Jess – the classics shelves are generally in alphabetical order except those that are stacked outside. They’re the only shelves that are properly arranged! :-p

    1. Thanks! I’m sure your book collection is just as enviable. I love perving on other people’s book collection. Says so much about the person.

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