Booking Through Thursday

This week’s BTT.

Do you read the inside flaps that describe a book before or while reading it?

I don’t actually find blurbs, either on the back cover or on inside flaps, useful and rarely place a lot of emphasis on them but I do find myself re-reading it while progressing through the book. I find that many blurbs are really poorly written but it is a difficult job. My biggest pet peeve is when there’s no blurb at all and only quotes of people or critics (many of whom I know nothing nor care about) praising the book to high heavens. Now really – does that really help ordinary customers picking out books?


  1. I verily agree. I find the book already interesting then I don’t get the chance to read a sneak peek on what the book is about? It’s really disappointing. Books are usually sealed you know.

    I’m with you on that pet peeve.

  2. I agree! The short quotes drive me nuts. I do read the inside flaps but after I finish the book, unless it’s when I buying and I want to know more about it.

  3. The worst ones are the blurbs or comments that have nothing whatsoever to do with the story. I wonder what book they read, certainly not this one!

  4. I flap when there’s a flap to flap but I read a lot of paperbacks so it’s not always possible! I like getting a little head start on what’s going on and usually find the summaries don’t give away too much. 🙂 I get annoyed when the flap is covered in blurbs & praise and no information too.

  5. Lots of times it’s apparent from the flap copy that whoever wrote it didn’t even read the whole book! or only got through three chapters. Disappointing. I still read them if I’m a little curious, though.

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