More New Books

I couldn’t help myself and I bought myself more new books. Granted, I have been looking for these titles for awhile now and they’re pretty difficult to find in stores.

  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum
  • How the Light Gets In by M.J. Hyland

I had no idea Oxford Press published Wizard of Oz and I particularly love the cover. It makes it look a little more grown up when reading it on the train. I had bought Wizard of Oz previously but I kept getting the wrong version. They were either abridged, adaptations or variations of the original version. I would have liked the annotated Wizard of Oz but that’s a little too expensive at the moment. I’m a huge fan of the movies, including the lesser known Return to Oz, but I have never read the books. With How the Light Gets In I complete my collection of M.J. Hyland’s books. This title has been particularly hard to get even on ebay.


    1. Thanks for the clip. What an amazing song! I love Leonard Cohen. This is something to keep in mind to ask M.J. Hyland in the future!

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