Lazy Sundays

Today was one of the best Sundays I’ve had in a long while. What did I do? Nothing, except lolling around at home watching I Dream of Jeannie DVDs and reading. In the morning I got right into The Mill on the Floss and I’m a quarter of a way through. I’d been struggling with it during the week because I’d been too tired to read it and this is a book that needs your undivided concentration. George Eliot did not write for those who are too lazy to appreciate her work. I’m liking Floss and I love Maggie. The relationship between Mr Tulliver and his ‘little wench’ is already pulling at my heartstrings.

In the afternoon, with the temperamental weather spitting rain and blowing heavy wind one minute then unleashing a blazing sun the next, I laid in bed and read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and it was simply delicious. While I’m a huge fan of the movie, I did like the book and thought it was a little more darker, unnatural but more philosophical than how it was portrayed in the movie. And it made me quite nostalgic simply reading a book that had lovely illustrations inside.

I hope your Sunday was as pleasant and relaxing as mine!

(Painting: Portrait Of Marguerite Guillaumin Reading by Armand Guillaumin)



  1. It’s so funny how your Sunday is ending, as mine is just beginning. It does sound like you had a wonderful day, and I agree with you completely about the OZ film being dark. I was terrified of monkeys for years after watching that! Still, it was a thrilling childhood favorite with my cousins and I as they’d only show it on holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving when I was little.

    1. Have you seen Return to Oz? That’s even more terrifying and disturbing and definitely not a kids movie! There’s a queen who can change heads and monsters called Wheelies who are very frightening. Hope you have an enjoyable Sunday too. 🙂

  2. My Sunday was not as relaxing as yours but it does sound as if you had a wonderful day. I love Sundays where I can just hang around the house and read.

    1. Procrastination takes a lot of energy and concentration. 🙂 Oooh, a ukelele. That sounds like fun. You’ll have to post up video of you playing a tune.

  3. Have never read Wizard, or seen the movie. Have never really been interested in fantasy, even as a kid. I read wildly inappropriate novels my Dad borrowed from the library for me. I was bored by kid’s books, but liked a good adventure story. I was a total tomboy and identified with the male heroes! I don’t know what my Dad was thinking, but he never put limits on what I was allowed to read!

    1. I never regarded Oz as fantasy for some reason. Your dad sounds so awesome! I never really liked the kids books too and always headed towards the teenage and adult section as a chlid. Picture books never appealed to me.

  4. I think that you are right about George Eliot – she was not an on the tube kind of writer and you need to concentrate – but when you do it is so rewarding and I too love Mill on the Floss…. Enjoy the rest of it and what a lovely sounding Sunday!

    Thanks for sharing


    1. Thanks Hannah. I can’t remember who said this but I remember reading/watching an interview with an author who responded to a question about how some readers may find her work difficult to follow with ‘I don’t write for lazy, stupid people’ or something to that extent. Sounds harsh but I think it’s a fair comment.

  5. Hi Mae,
    I’m a librarian too and I was just floating around cyberspace and discovered your blog. How is the world of libraries down under? I must say they aren’t faring too well here in Irelalnd.
    I haven’t read The Wizard of Oz but if you’ve just finished it you should read Wicked by Gregory Maguire. Maybe you have already. It’s the Wizard of Oz from the point of view of the Wicked Witch of the West and it’s really a great read.

    1. Hi Emily, thanks for your comment and stopping by my blog. It’s great to hear from another librarian. The library world seems to be fairing quite well down here but I’m only a recent graduate and have just started working in one since this month so I’m very new! I’m sorry to hear the libraries aren’t going too well in Ireland (which is on my places to visit list, by the way, ever since I was young) and it’s a shame that libraries are suffering, when they should be fairing, under the GFC.

      And thanks for recommendation. I have heard of Wicked – there was a huge production here last year but I’m not that big a fan of spin-offs.

  6. I love ‘The Mill on the Floss’, it’s probably one of my all-time favourites. I read it along with ‘Far from a Madding Crowd’ – when I was a teenager. I’m almost afraid to go back to it and reread, because the book filled me a lot of sadness and the fear that I may not like it anymore. So many books that are a part of my childhood and early adolescence are almost sacred for me, because of the memories, and I’m almost afraid to tamper with them. 😐

    1. I know the fear which is why I do re-reads of childhood favourites with some trepidation. I don’t think there’s a large risk of you not liking ‘Floss’ on another re-read but I think you probably will gain new and deeper understanding of the book now that you’re older and more life weary. 🙂

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