Bookish Ramblings #2

I’m using these ramblings as an excuse to post incoherent thoughts. 🙂

  • Not exactly bookish per se but my desktop is giving me headaches. It had a graphics card problem almost half a year ago, got it fixed, and just last night, I saw my monitor go black and now it won’t show anything anymore. Yelling at it doesn’t seem to help nor does threatening it.
  • Started reading Jasper Fforde’s Shades of Grey but I’m having trouble getting into it. I’m only half way through the second chapter and it’s a struggle. Very disappointed but I’m going to try and persevere or perhaps give it up and try again later.
  • I have American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis lined up. It was surprisingly difficult to get a hold of a copy from the library because there is still a queue for it.
  • I should admit that non-fiction and I always do quite poorly together. Poor Herge’s biography have been languishing on the book stack as fascinated as I am with it.
  • Hooray for Book Depository resuming their postage after orders got held up by Iceland’s volcanic eruptions. And there I was thinking that the closing of air spaces won’t affect me.
  • I have to admit that I’m finding myself borrowing library books that I continue to see languishing on the shelves. I feel sorry for them so I take them home. Ah, bibliomania at its worst.
  • The biggest news of all is that next weekend I’m finally going to Book Town in Clunes, Victoria! I’m so excited! I’ve been meaning to go for the last two years but things always seemed to happen during that specific weekend. It’s blatantly inspired by Hay-on-Wye but I’m not complaining. I’ve been saving my money and have given permission for myself to splurge out while I’m there. Clunes seems like a lovely little town too. Perhaps if I pester enough, somebody will give me a job and I can stay up there! 🙂

Picture: Starry Sky Attempt by Wenzel Hablik [1909]. I love this painting and have been itching to include it in a post. Currently, Penguin uses it on the cover of The Birth of Tragedy by Nietzsche. Simply inspiring.



  1. Oh, I have been looking at the posters about Clunes and seriously contemplating going. It won’t happen this year, but maybe in a couple of years once my son is a bit older! Have a fantastic time.

  2. Great painting and enjoy your trip! Definitely let us all know what you think of “Shades of Grey”. A friend of mine actually said she wanted me to read it expressly so she could read my review. Kind of made me a bit nervous… 😉

    1. I’ve pretty much given up on Shades of Grey for the moment. I’m feeling quite impatient and it’s on a shorter loan period because there’s still a long queue for it. Perhaps later in the future when I’m less stressed. I’l be interested to hear what you think of it.

  3. Woooo Booktown!! Very much looking forward to it.

    Good luck with American Psycho, I’m a big fan of Bret Easton Ellis – read most of his work at least twice now – but I’ve never been able to finish American Psycho. Not because of an aversion to the extreme and graphic violence, but I just always run out of patience with it about three quarters through. One of these days I’ll return to it and hopefully get through that last quarter. Eager to hear how you go with it and what you think of it.

  4. “I feel sorry for them so I take them home.” I love that!

    I hope you enjoy Book Town. It looks great. (I had never heard of it before your post).

  5. Hehe, I´m sure the library books appreciate that you take them out! I always think of it as trying them out, see how they´d look on my shelves if I´d actually buy them 😉

    Have fun in Book Town, it sounds amazing! I´ve been to Hay-on-Wye once and had a blast .

    1. As somebody with a little ‘insider’ library info, I’m sure me taking out the poor books will save them from the cull for one more year. 🙂 You’re so lucky to have gone to Hay-on-Wye! That’s on my bucket list. I’d move here if I could!

  6. I love book towns. I went to Wigtown, Scotland, but not during their festival time. I loooved all the book stores there. I was walking around so much, that the natives thought that I was moving there!

    A lorry driver got mad at me because I didn’t know where a street was. I kept telling him that I wasn’t from Wigtown. You would think he would know that I wasn’t a native, with my tanned complexion (I am Hispanic) and my accent (American).

    Have fun at Clunes

    1. I didn’t know Scotland had a booktown! Another to add to my list! That’s a funny story about Wigtown. The lorry driver must have been pretty used to seeing bibliophiles of all nationalities converge onto the town. 🙂

  7. ‘bibliomania at its worst’: wonderful. I work in a library and am always taking out too many books, just to give them an extra bit of use in the system (and keep our circulation stats up). It can’t be a bad thing, except when there’s stacks of them at home…

    I looked at Jasper Fforde’s book too and it just didn’t seem that appealing. I couldn’t get on with the Nursery Crimes books either. Where are you, Thursday Next??

    1. My stack is getting higher and higher – both library loans and my own. Both are threatening to eat me up.

      I hear there’s a new Thursday Next coming out this year I think…or perhaps it’s next year. I’m just glad she’s back.

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