New Books & Stuff!

Well! So much for my self-imposed book buying ban for a few months. I got two more books from the book depository with ridiculous prices:

  • The Communist Manifesto – Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
  • Agnes Grey – Anne Bronte

I’ve always been interested in the manifesto and Oxford cover simply sucked me in. I’m surprised at how thin it is but I think it will make for some interesting reading. Perhaps not something for the train though. With Agnes Grey, I think I’ve completed my collection of the Brontes with the exception of Shirley and the fantasy tales of Angria, neither of which I’m particularly all that interested in.

Not too much happening on the reading front lately. I’ve been enjoying Jude and it’s all quite sad and poignant. I’ve made a semi resolution that for next month and perhaps in July too, I will try to read only my own books. They’re piling up but it seems that I can never get to them because of the constant stack of library books demanding to be read before their due date. My copy of Jude was bought five years ago and I have only now gotten around to reading it.

But the one thing that’s taken up most of time this week is the finale of Lost! I’m a little forlorn because it’s my favourite show. This isn’t really a complete random topic because the show had such a strong connection with literature, especially obscure and significant works not to mention various philosophical texts. The narrative devices used during the series was also constantly inspiring. It was very good story telling. After the finale, I’m no closer to understanding what the Island was about but I really did enjoy it. The score by Michael Giacchino was also simply amazing. I’m prowling the forums watching the fierce battles between die-hard Jate, Skate and Suliet fans. Ye-es!


    1. I absolutely love the new designs. They just make you want to pick up the book which is great because it leads to new authors being discovered.

  1. I actually have “The Communist Manifesto” on my nightstand right now. That it’s sitting next to Ayn Rand’s “Anthem” is something I get a chuckle over. Let me know what you think! 🙂

    1. Another coincidence! You’ve pretty much read the collection of the Brontes so you haven’t done too badly. 🙂 I just like the idea of having the whole collection although Agnes Grey will stick out like a sore thumb nestled in amongst the black Penguin spines.

  2. I read The Communist Manifesto in high school – for fun. I can’t say I remember much about it, except that it was short and interesting to read since it’s such an influential manifest.

    I wish I could say that I could make a resolution like that: reading only my own books. I should, really, but it’s hard to not buy any books.

    1. I only read extracts in high school and I remember it was quite interesting. I had no idea communism still existed so that was an eye opener!

      I’m already struggling with not buying anymore books. It’s very hard!

  3. I’ll be looking out for your Agnes Grey review. It’s one of my favourite books. Not as deep as Jane Eyre or as poetic as Wuthering Heights but a down-to-earth account of the life of a Victorian nanny and the plight of 19thC women.

    1. It sounds really depressing but I’m keen to read it. Have you read Tenant of Wildfell Hall? I thought that was fantastic. I’m interested to see how it compares to Agnes Grey although they seem like two very different stories.

    1. I remember being so impressed by Tenant. It was a very brave and modern novel. I feel a little sorry for Anne. She seems to be the forgotten Bronte.

      1. True. I wonder why Anne gets ignored by all the scholars. Hmmm…

        I see you were just as distracted last week by the Lost finale as I was; it threw my whole reading week off course. I’m not sure how I feel about the ending but you’re right, it was fantastic storytelling (first 3 seasons especially). I’m just a little aggravated that we were left hanging.

  4. I feel the same about Anne – I think Tenant is the best Bronte (oooh controversial statement) and hope you enjoy/have enjoyed Agnes Grey – although I think Tenant is much better (more complex and less of a transparent autobiography, although Agnes is a well-written fictionalised autobiography…).

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