New Books (and a trailer)!

The books I ordered from Book Depository all arrived this week. It started off with the intention of only buying a small present for a friend and ended up with me ordering myself a little loot.

  • The Outsider – Albert Camus. This is a nice, hardback edition. My copy is from high school and filled with scribbles which can be distracting.
  • The Infernal Desire Machine of Doctor Hoffman – Angela Carter. I love these Penguin Decades editions. Gorgeous covers.
  • Notes from Underground – Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Speaking of covers, this one is lovely too and helps a good cause. It also carries on the existentialist theme.
  • Beautiful For Ever – Helen Rappaport. I wrote a bit about Madame Levison and her influences on Wilkie Collins’ Armadale in uni and I love this topic. I wish I had this for a resource a few years ago. And again, isn’t this cover simply beautiful?

Finally, here is the trailer for the popular Australian Tomorrow series. The first movie is being released later in the year. The series was one of my favourite and memorable reads during high school and I was quite obsessed with it.

It looks ok but some lines seem a little corny. I really hope it’s decent! And I can’t stop thinking the lead actress is still that annoying girl she used to be in Neighbours.


  1. I think I used to watch ‘Tomorrow’ when I was a kid (british kids are brought up on a diet of Aussie programs). Some lovely loot there. Particularly like the Angela Carter cover.

  2. The Outsider is amazing. Really really hope you enjoy it.

    I’ve been meaning to read Notes From The Underground for ages, but just never gotten ’round to it. It’s one of those books, where the opening line resonates in my head (despite not reading it) : I am a sick man… I am a spiteful man.

    Love the Penguin Decades cover – got the same edition of the Carter, but haven’t read it yet. Waiting for a good time…

    1. The Outsider is one of my favourite books. 🙂 I decided to treat myself to a decent copy but I still love my original copy filled with scribbles.

      I was never quite interested in Notes until recently when I found out more about it. Not to mention that the cover is lovely to boot AND a smart way to play around with the infamous opening lines.

  3. Those are lovely covers! Something about Dostoevsky must be in the air. I just read someone’s review of “Eternal Husband” and I just purchased “Crime and Punishment”. Sadly I have not read any of the books you pictured, but you do inspire me. 🙂

    1. Maybe heavy winters and long summers encourage people to reach out to Dostoyevsky? I haven’t heard of his Eternal Husband.

  4. Novelinsights – I think Mae will tell you that this Tomorrow is different … unless they did a TV series of the novels and I didn’t know?

    John Marsden is a great writer for children and young adults…his Letters from the inside still resonates with me.

    Love the look of your loot Mae. Bookdepository is way too dangerous for we Aussies I reckon.

    1. I remember that was talk about making a t.v. series but I don’t know what became of that.

      I love John Marsden and a bit sad that he doesn’t write anymore but I do think it’s great that he runs his own school.

      Book Depository is just far cheaper than buying from stores which is sad. I still try to buy books from local shops but the prices are almost double than BD.

  5. That Angela Carter is a stunning edition! Can’t always get on with her though – I loved Nights at the Circus, but wasn’t so keen on The Bloody Chamber and her other stories.

    1. I’m in love with the cover. The story sounds amazing too. I haven’t read Nights at the Circus but I did love The Bloody Chamber. 🙂

  6. Heh, wanting to buy a present for someone and coming home with lots of books for yourself sounds very familiar.

    The cover of Beautiful For Ever looks very beautiful! And I still have to read a book by Angela Carter. I hope you enjoy your new books!

    1. Hah! If you think about it, it’s actually multi-tasking. You might as well buy other things while you’re in the store!

  7. I saw Marsden mention the film at a literary festival a few months ago. Someone asked him if he’d been able to watch it yet, and if he liked it. I don’t remember his reply exactly, but he told the audience that everything he’d seen of it looked good to him. He approved.

  8. I need to read The Outsider again. I liked it when I first read it, but I think that now that I’m older I’d get more out of it. Enjoy your new books!

    1. I re-read it every few years. I really connected with it when I first read it in high school – which might be slightly scary in hindsight but it’s one of those books that the reader gains something every time they read it.

    1. I haven’t see the publicity on other blogs but, then again, I’ve been rather slack these days. I do highly recommend reading the books first. I think they’re marvellous and I might re-read them again. Ironically, it was where I first heard of Pride and Prejudice! I’m not too sure about the movies but I’ll still give them a go.

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