What I’ve Been Reading

I have taken a blogging and, mostly, internet sabbatical. Surprise, surprise, when one is not glued to the monitor, there suddenly seems to be much more time to read. Last week, I made my way through several books I had wanted to read for awhile:

  • Aurora Floyd by Mary Elizabeth Braddon. It lagged in the middle but I sat down and finished it in one evening. An interesting read but quite different from Lady Audley’s Secret.
  • Room by Emma Donoghue. Short listed for the Booker prize, this story is told entirely through the voice of five year old Jack who has spent his entire life captive in a garden shed. An amazing read and I finished it in two sittings.
  • The Woman in Black by Susan Hill. A deliciously, spine tingling Victorian ghost story.
  • The Man in the Picture by Susan Hill. Another Gothic, ghost novella with fun chilling twists and turns.
  • The Legend of the Infant of Prague. A story book with short fairy tales about Prague over the centuries. They’re very interesting although very religious. A friend gave this to me when she returned from her jaunt.

Finally, ABC seems to have turned Wednesday nights into geek nights which I absolutely adore. Not only is The Librarians back but I have just discovered how awesome The I.T. Crowd is. I do love all the geekiness. And Moss.

The I.T. Crowd





  1. Oh I understand Mae (but have been missing your presence) the tension between being online and actually reading. I tend to do my online work in front of the TV in the evenings – so I don’t really concentrate on the TV and to do some reading in the afternoon but I still seem to not find enough time to read!

    I’ll be interested to hear what you think of Never let me go.

  2. I love I.T. Crowd! Just seeing the picture made me happy. I’m in the U.S., so I have only seen seasons 1 and 2 from Netflix. I’ll have to see if I can get The Librarians. Sounds promising.

    1. I’m a latecomer to this awesome series! I’ve only started watching it because it was on after my favourite show. We’re airing series 4 now but I’ve been requesting the earlier series from the library.

  3. I loved Lady Audley’s Secret and The Doctor’s Wife by Mary Elizabeth Braddon, so I definitely need to read Aurora Floyd. I wish more of her books were available – apparently she wrote at least 75, but only a few seem to be in print. I’d like to read Room and The Woman in Black too…looks like you were reading some great books last week! 🙂

    1. I haven’t read The Doctor’s Wife as I struggled with Madame Bovary. Something for the future. I wish Braddon’s books were more widely available too. She had such a long career and seems like a shame.

  4. I am a Tuesday night ABC girl. I am not sure about The Librarians, but I have heard lots of good things about the IT Crowd.

    I really need to read Susan Hill.

    1. LOL, I’m more of a Monday night girl – though there are some good things on Tuesday and Wednesday too. (And then of course there’s Friday night crime) I have mixed feelings about The librarians … and haven’t watched the IT Crowd. Part of the problem is that I have a long standing (for say 24 years!) fortnightly commitment on Wednesdays which affects Wednesdays for me. I can and do record but there’s only so much you can record and catch up on later!

      1. I have programs that I recorded months ago that I still haven’t watched.

        The worst part of that is when there is a promo at the end for another show and you think, wow, that looks good, and then realised it showed back at the begining of May or some time like that!

        1. LOL so do we Marg. We have set programs for ABC on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and some of the Sunday nights in particular go way back. I mean we haven’t even seen Little Dorrit yet I’m ashamed to say!

      2. Wednesdays are my nights largely because I get home late from work so I plonk myself down. It’s good geeky T.V! The new ABC iView is very good. They usually upload the programmes an hour after they’ve aired and stay on their site for 2 weeks. I still have a huge backlog of TV i need to catch up on. Ahh, T.V!

  5. I love love the IT crowd! 😀

    You’ve been reading some great books! Interesting to see how Lady Audley’s Secret and Aurora compare, I’ve only read the first one. Have yet to read Susan Hill, I cannot understand why neither my bookstores nor my libraries have her books. One of the great disapointments in life I guess 😉

    Taking an internet break makes so much sense, it does take away from my reading time. I’ve been somewhat absent as well, uninstarted again last monday so I’m adjusting to new hours but hopefully I’ll be back to blogging soon.

    Hope you’ll love Never Let me Go! 🙂

  6. Good to have you back – I know the feelinng that sometimes you need a break from the internet.

    I also read Room this week. It is so amazing. What a great book.

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