You Know You’re a Bibliophile When …

An on-going list, methinks.

1. You scour book lists from university and education websites to see if anything tickles your fancy.

2. You get excited at any book list.

3. You’re more interested in the well stocked book shelves behind the academic being interviewed for the news or current affairs program.

4. Your attention is instantly drawn when you see a character on T.V. reading a book.

5. When you’re not reading, you spend the rest of your time trying to catch a glimpse of titles being read by other passengers while commuting.

6. You’re drawn to pictures/paintings/artwork/photographs of books and all things bookish.

7. Bookish accessories excites you almost as new books do.

8. Not only do books and bookish things excite you but books about books and quotes and essays about reading and the reader can get your heart racing too.

9. You need to explain why you feel tired even though you’ve ‘only’ spent all day or night reading. Some books can just leave you winded! 😉

10. You’re beyond excited when you get the bookish ‘in-jokes’ in other books (e.g. The Eyre Affair).

11. You have a Great Love from one of the books you’ve read, and even though he or she is only a figment of your imagination, you can’t help but day dream sometimes.

12. You make up a list of qualities that defines a bibliophile on your blog about books. 🙂

What else did I miss?


  1. My suggestions: 13. When you know your TBR shelf is home to more than 20 volumes you still want to buy THAT book. After all, it was lonely and needed a good home.

    Great list! Thanks for the giggles and for making me feel a little less like an odd duck.

  2. I’m a bibliophile, although I think I knew that!

    Another option, you feel an irrestistible urge to constantly talk to people about the books that you have read and loved recently.

  3. A great list! (I especially loved the one about looking at the shelves behind the academic being interviewed; I do that all the time!)

    How about this one: you know you are a bibliophile when all the gifts you give for Christmas are books?! Even to people who aren’t as book crazy as you.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only who gets distracted by background shelves!

      Oh, I completely agree! I’m always spruiking books and book things to friends even though some barely read. Or what one never receives, ironically, books for gifts because you’ve probably read them already and that your book tastes is too hard to cater for?

  4. Hahaha, so true! And I’m always catching desperate people trying to find out what I’m reading on my commute (some appear to be athletes, the way they twist) 😉

    I also found that making book lists is a horrible habit of mine and it takes away a lot of reading time 😀

    1. I spend far too much time making book lists or organising my shelves or cataloguing my books too. All those precious hours gone by doing things around the book rather than actually reading them!

  5. Just stumbled across this and thought someone was writing about me! lol
    I’ve run out of room for my books I now have a storage unit full of boxes of books. My problem is I can’t get rid of any of my books!!!

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