It’s Come to This…

I have been running out of shelving room for awhile now (I’m sure this is an ongoing with all bibliophiles out there!) and I’ve been too lazy to make my way to Ikea to pick up some Billy shelves.

So I did some creative brainstorming and bought one small bookcase and stacked it upside down on top of my other small bookcase to make a larger bookcase.


The new smaller shelf, already filled with library books...

The completed bookcase! I'll have to buy some clamps or superglue to secure the two shelves properly though.

Don’t mind the mess. The bottom shelf is actually much neater than it looks. I haven’t organised the new shelves yet and I’ve just stuck my library books in there. Something tells me that it’s going to get filled rather quickly.


  1. Heh, I have 2 “fully grown” billies and 1 half-billy. I have bene thinking of buying another half and putting it on top of the other one, but I wasn’t sure if it would work. Your post makes me think that it could actually work.

    1. You should post some pictures up of the billies!! Or give me the link if you already have and I’d somehow missed out on it. I only really want the Billies because of their glass doors. The dust drives me nuts! The two shelves are working out well (for now) but I won’t rest easy until I get something to secure it properly other than just blue-tack and tape…

  2. Nifty! 🙂 I also own billy shelves, but I also like to double and triple stack books and put piles on the floor, and other handy surfaces 🙂

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