Shelving Update

An update on re-arranging my new shelves. The weather has cooled considerably (to the point of flash floods, thanks Mother Nature) so it was a good time to get books sorted.

Shelves much more organised now.

While the books look organised, I had the problem of what I call the ‘upstairs-downstairs books’. My other main shelf is downstairs and that holds the majority of my books whereas the new shelves in my room is a new addition and largely held new or TBR books. The problem now is, being the geek that I am, I like to be near my books as much as possible so I’ve found myself playing favourites (books are like children. Feel free to disagree!) although I try not to. The visual effect also came into play for the first time and I spent a grand five minutes agonising over whether or not to group my books alphabetically for all the classics or by publishers. As you can see, I chose the latter and no regrets so far. I also decided to put the Oxfords on the top shelf purely because ‘o’ comes before ‘p’. Aren’t I a diplomat? 🙂

Of course, it would be fantastic if all my books were finally shelved together like one big happy family but that’s not going to happen until I get my own place. The good thing is now I have a wee bit more room to store more books. I really thought I had more books than this. The library books live on the floor now though. Shhh…

On another note, I’m three quarters of the way through The Mandarins and it’s incredibly perplexing. I’ve found myself making marks and notes but I’ve also discovered that using pieces of tissue just doesn’t have the same reliability as post-its. The scraps tend to float away and lose their spot which defeats the purpose.

Tissues ain't no substitute for post-its




  1. Hahaha, another lesson learned, post-its are sticky for a reason 😉

    Your shelf looks great btw, and so organized and pretty. Mine are usual chaotic (I tend to start in organizational mood and then become distracted by wanting to read and just stuff the rest wherever there’s room).

    1. Post-its are the ultimate invention! Who would have thought how far a little piece of sticky paper would go?!

      Mine aren’t staying so clean for long. It’s already getting a little chaotic!

    1. It does look good arranged by publisher doesn’t it? All lined up and pretty but it tends to not make a lot of sense! Luckily, I tend to have a good memory regarding where books are and which edition.

    1. Oh dear! There goes my long=life dream! At the very least, I think I would like them to be in the same room! But, seeing my inability to let go of my precious, I’ve no doubt that many will still end up in my room in the future.

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