And Yet Another Book Loot…

Somebody stop me!

My reading has slowed down once again, I keep hogging all these books from the library and I continue to buy books. *sigh* Life is difficult sometimes.

Book Loot

  • Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor E. Frankl (I first heard about this on Reading Matter’s Triple Choice Tuesday).
  • East Lynne – Ellen Wood (this wraps up the Sensation Fiction list).
  • Women in Love – D. H. Lawrence
  • On Liberty and Other Essays – John Stuart Mill
  • Shades of Grey – Jasper Fforde. A prize from Gaskella. It’s signed!
  • Stoner – John Williams. Another prize from On My Porch. I had free reign on Book Depository and I picked this.
  • The Humbling – Philip Roth. I got this for $1 during the final stages of a Borders sale.
  • Past the Shallows – Favel Parrett.
  • Caleb’s Crossing – Geraldine Brooks. I won these two titles from Boomerang Books.

Looks like June was my month for winning books! 🙂

And what’s with Book Depository being sold to Amazon?!!!


  1. Oh dear, you’ve just reminded me to add another book to my wishlist. East Lynne. Well done on winning much of your loot, it’s a lovely stack!

  2. I’ve had the Fforde on my shelf (in hardback, no less) for ages, and I haven’t read it yet. So bad. Intend to read it soon though – fancy a readalong? (Apparently readalongs motivate me to read more :S)

    Curious about the Roth as well – only read one book by him (The Plot Against America) which I absolutely loved.

    Hope you’re enjoying Wolf Hall 🙂

    1. I had to give up on Wolf Hall. I just couldn’t get into it. I past around 60 pages but that was it. I think my mood just wasn’t in it. Will give it a crack another time.

  3. Oh wow, I’ve heard great things about the Victor Frankl book – look forward to hearing what you think about that once you’ve read it. I hadn’t heard about the Amazon deal. Did they not have enough of a monopoly already???

  4. First up: Congrats, what an amazing pile of books, I want to loot your loot! 😉
    Secondly: Whaaat? What do they mean BD is being sold to amazon?? Admittedly I mostly order fom amazon, but still, they are taking over, it’s getting creepy!

  5. I sent that book back in March!!! Surface may be sloooooow, but at least it finally got there. Enjoy the read.

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