Hello 2014

Yes, I may be a little  late for this post but I’ve always been a little slow so it’s better late than never! I’ve been lurking around the blogs again and see that may have done little wrap up and resolutions for the year ahead and thought I’ll  get in on that too. As you guys will have probably noticed (or not), I don’t regularly update this blog anymore. Instead, I have returned to lurking. I enjoyed blogging, and still do, but I suppose the field got a little too full and I felt a little competitive. It also got quite overwhelming with all these great books being recommended and the TBR grew ever higher with no hope of it ever being read. Along with the TBR, I really enjoy simply picking books at random and reading whatever I fancy. So,  in a few words, everything in the blogging world got too much and I stopped. But I have missed it, particularly the good community feel.

Reading wise, without the constant recommendations, I found I read far and wide last year. I read a lot of non-fiction, got far too interested in the Tudor history (always a late comer) and Anne Boleyn, read a lot of popular ‘hot’ fiction, became less picky and snobby about reads and generally enjoyed reading on the whim. While I did try to read more classics and my own books, I found I borrowed far too much from the library (working there doesn’t help the cause) and I became overloaded with library books. You would too if you saw the book sitting on the shelve looking all beautiful and fascinating and just screaming at you to borrow them.

My reading resolutions for this year:

  • Read more classics. I still want to get through Thomas Hardy’s collection and the rest of Jane Austen.
  • Read largely from my own collection.
  • Continue reading far and wide.


  1. Happy 2014 to you, too! 🙂 Glad to see you back/ checking in, hope to see your around here more often this year. But since I basically disappeared last year I can completely relate, sometimes blogging can be too much, I’m trying for a lower dosage 😉

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