This is simply a blog about books and bookish things. I studied English during uni and loved it to bits. I recently became a qualified librarian. I live in Melbourne, Australia.


You can contact me at madbibliophile [at] gmail.com


  1. I wish I had studied English during my years at University; instead I was immersed in my double major of Elementary Education and Psychology. They have served me well, but there are always more degrees I wish I’d earned. Perhaps, some day…in the meantime, it’s lovely to share our book affection through our blogs. Yours is wonderful.

    1. Thanks Bellezza! I’m glad I found your blog too. 🙂 I had the most lovely few years at university because I was utterly in love with my majors. There are other degrees and subjects I wished I had done too, such as Archeology, but I’m very happy with what I’ve done.

  2. Good for you. I majored in English Lit among other things at university, and went on to become a librarian. Never regretted any of it for a minute. Hope your career is as satisfying as mine was (recently retired, though still keeping my hand in in various ways).

    1. Thanks. It sounds like I’m following in your path. 🙂 I loved studying English and wouldn’t mind taking it further. I’m still new in the library industry but so far, so good.

      1. LOL, it does a little! What sort of library work are you doing? University? Public? Special? Something else? (My son now lives in Melbourne – lived in Japan for three years teaching English, then trained as a primary school teacher last year, and is in his first year of professional teaching this year. He loves Melbourne.

        1. I’m in public but I was hoping to do uni because that appeals to me much more since I like researching. But I’m happy in public at the moment except I’m a little afraid I might started forgetting all the skills I’ve learnt during my uni years! Teaching English in Japan, or anywhere overseas really, is on my to-do list. It’s something I wouldn’t mind doing somewhere down the track. Glad to hear your son’s enjoying Melbourne. It’s a great place! 🙂

          1. I can understand wanting to do Uni, but on the other hand I think public libraries offer more opportunities in some ways for creativity since you are not at the beck and call of academics and THEIR curricula. My first professional job was supposed to be the National Library but in those days they managed the local public library service (something I hadn’t known) and that’s where they sent me. Wah!, I thought, but in fact I am very glad to have had that experience.

            1. I know what you mean about the stiffness of academic libraries. It’s so structured and very hierarchical – it’s very difficult to shift around. I never knew that the NLA used to manage the public libraries too but it does make a lot of sense. It’s very enjoyable in public at the moment and giving me valuable experience. Thanks for sharing your experience with me. 🙂

    1. Hi Jude, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’m flattered that you want to include my blog in your recommendations! Of course it’s alright! 🙂

  3. This is so interesting, because I was just recently thinking about writing something about the reality of being an English major, our expectations, dreams, and hopes, and what happens to them. Are we entirely unrealistic to try to be English majors in an uncertain economic world, or is it a calling that is so deep in the bones it can’t be ignored and must be obeyed? I was an English major 3 times over, throughout all my various degrees and never once wavered from that path, and now I’m looking back over my life, wondering if I could have done anything else?? I often feel like I certainly *should* have…

    1. Hi Alison, I completely understand what you’re saying. It seems quite indulgent to choose to study Literature, doesn’t it? I did try something practical but my heart simply wasn’t in it. That’s not to say my degree wasn’t practical! At least I could and say that I loved studying for degree and i would do it all over again given the chance!

  4. Hey! I just found your blog while google searching for an image of John Harwood’s The Seance— to post on my blog! Anyway, I see that we have a lot of tastes in common, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read of yours so far, and I’m definitely going to add you to my blogroll– though I don’t think doing so will bring you very many new readers!

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