Penguin Cover Notebooks (!!!)

Be still, my pounding heart.

Penguin has released a series of blank notebooks with the covers of popular works. It looks exactly like the orange, classic Penguins except now you can pen your next masterpiece in it. It’s a fantastic idea and I can’t wait to go and grab a few of these spendiferous notebooks although it will look like you’re scribbling away in a copy of the actual book (a big, bibliophile no-no) to the unsuspecting public. If you don’t fancy being constantly intimidated by Virginia Woolf and George Orwell while you’re penning the next great classic, there’s also the choice of having a series of Penguin spines as the cover.

I’m very excited! And, of course, it’s obviously another way for Penguin to make quick bucks. We all know stationery freaks, writers and bibliophiles won’t be able to resist.


And they even have matching sets of pencils!


I would like the matching mug too, please.

All from Notemaker.