National Bookshop Day

On Saturday 10th August, it was National Bookshop Day here in Australia. Admittedly, my visits to bricks and mortar bookstores have decreased these past few years – not because my interest has waned or my purchases have moved online but because I simply no longer buy as many books. One of the perks (or curse) of working in a library is the amount of books, magazines and DVDs you mange to accumulate on your account and before you know it, you have reached your limit. It may also be the fact that I no longer have as much room to store the books at home – for now.

As a belated celebration, I thought I’ll highlight my two favourite bookstores in Melbourne. The first is the Brunswick St Bookstore. It’s a great little store filled with a great selection of books. There are comfy chairs towards the back for you to sit and flick through books. The second is Readings, an independent chain in Melbourne. My favourite store is its original location on Lygon St. It’s a big space, filled with a large range including books, CDs and DVDs. I always find something new and interesting here. I especially love the dark wooden shelves and the attached ladders to reach those higher shelves. Readings also produce the cutest little bookmarks featuring a cartoon-style portrait of well known authors that you can take with you. Most of all, I think the reason why I love these two bookstores the most is because they both stay open until 10-11pm which makes them a great destination after you’ve finished dinner and dessert!

Where are your favourite bookshops?

Fascinating Bookstores

I stumbled across a marvelous site that features bookmarks and bookstores.

What I would give to live or work in many of these salacious places. I’m going to add these places to my “bookish-places-to-visit” list. It’s pretty comforting to know that the love for books and the buildings housing them still play such an important and special part today despite of the onslaught of the digital entertainment.