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The Value of Books

While reading an old copy of one of my favourite magazines, Good Reading, there was a mention of the often forgotten monetary value , or cost, of a personal library. Of course, this would be a casual collector (or hoarder!) and not a professional collector. If the average cost of one book in your collection is $15 and you have over 400 odd books then, well, you’re sitting on a small fortune. Some titles will depreciate such as those tacky copies of V. C. Andrews (*cough*) but I think many will hold their value.

Library, Vinters by Charlotte Bonsanquet (1843)

The article also mentioned taking out insurance to ensure your books are covered. I had never thought of insuring my books or even their value but I have thought about how absolutely horrified and devastated I would be when I imagine my books go up in flames or under water. I don’t think the insurance payout would make me feel better but I guess it would be start. Do you insure your books or are they already covered with your other home or content insurance?

And, of course, the emotional ties and sentimental value of books can never be measured!