I have pretty much given up on Nanowrimo, unfortunately. I started off strongly but I was just completely derailed by it. I still like my story and I’ll continue to work on it over time. Who knows – perhaps I might be able to get it published a decade down the track. 🙂 I think I’m much more suited to short stories. I have a short attention span and little stamina. On the other hand, I’ve been writing some poetry lately, something I’ve never done before and it’s very fun.

There’s some good news though. My short story piece was chosen to be included by the other editors on the uni creative writing anthology. Since I’m on the editorial team, it was extremely nerve wracking and not for the faint hearted (character building, I guess…) to sit there with the others while they judged and discussed my piece. As I have never done any creative writing classes since all the way back in high school, filled with teenage angst, this piece is my first, ‘serious’ work. Although it will only be published in a student anthology, I’m still very excited because, in a way, I’ll be a ‘published’ author. 🙂 It’s very encouraging.

On other news front – I have applied for a place at another university to do a graduate diploma in Information Management, which means, if I get accepted I’ll be a librarian! I decided to apply despite thinking I’ll take next year off and do other things. But with being unemployed and global financial uncertainty, I thought I’d apply and defer if things get better. But I’m still very excited at the prospect of being a librarian. I hope I won’t be disappointed.