Millennium Movies

Tonight, I went and saw the first Millennium movie, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and it was brilliant. Even though I have recently read the books, I still felt the suspense. The main actors were fantastic particularly Noomi Rapace who plays Lisbeth Salander. When I saw first saw her in the trailers, I wasn’t too sure, but Rapace was outstanding in the movie. Strangely (or perhaps not), I liked the film version of Mikael Blomkvist better because he was less of a Don Juan. There were scenes which were extremely hard to watch, as expected, since they were also very difficult to read because they were so violent. My friend, who hadn’t read the books, was horrified.

I can’t wait until the second film, The Girl who Played with Fire, is released. I hope it won’t be as long as it took for the release of the first which was over a year.

Here is the trailer for it:

And here is the trailer for the third and final film, The Girl who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest:

What do you think about these films?

Edit: Hollywood is remaking the movies. Why am I not surprised? The worst thing is, Kristen Stewart (from Twilight) is on the shortlist to play Lisbeth apparently. Why can’t Hollywood stay away?