Popular Penguins

Penguins, Green

Penguin has released a new series of cheap and cheerful classics. I think I have raved about the ingenuity of the reissuing of the Orange classic series before and bringing long forgotten classics back to the mass market. It’s also nice to see Penguin continue to embody the company’s original idea that good literature should be accessible to all. I just love how they freshen up the old titles. The new Green series harks back to the original Green crime series. The titles all look amazing and, of course, those lovely looking green spines wouldn’t look too shaby on my bookcase next to the numerous Orange Penguins I have collected. First off my list to purchase will be this:



I read it awhile ago after a serious hunt and sourced it at a library. That copy was old, dusty and smelled a little mouldy. It was a wonderful read and now it will be great to own a copy too. You can find the complete list of the fifty titles here.

(Disclaimer: It looks like I’m raving a lot about Penguin but this isn’t a paid advertisement. I just really love how they keep invigorating old Classics!)

The next 50 Popular Penguins

Penguin Australia has released the next batch of titles in their Popular Penguin series. The popular small books, with their eye-catching and iconic orange covers, makes literature accessible and affordable to everyone and anyone. At $10 for any title, that is truly a bargain in today’s world.

I am already drooling over the selection. I nearly screamed with joy when I saw that Picnic at Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsay is to be included in the new batch. I would say that there is a strong possibility I would probably end up buying half those books. Oh dear.

The next batch is released on June 29. Anybody else excited?