Books for Victorian Bushfire Victims

Many of you have probably heard by now, or a snippet of, the terrible bushfires that have been occurring in Victoria, Australia. As this is my home state this tragedy hits frighteningly close to home as I was personally caught up in it on Saturday 7 February when the fires all started and spread out of control.

Among the many businesses that have committed to help raise and donate money to the victims of the bushfires is Borders. They are calling for people to bring in good second-hand books, or buy books instore, that will be donated to schools and libraries in the affected areas. Borders will also match the retail price of all donated books to raise money for the victims. As I cannot do much in the way of financial means I will definitely be scouring my shelves to donate some lovely books to the bushfire victims. I hope it was bring some slight relief from their sufferings.

For those who live in Australia, please donate your books. For the lovely international readers, please contemplate donating through the Red Cross site.

It is not only humans who are suffering from these terrible bushfires but also animals.