Library Loot

Library Loot

Many of the books I reserved early in the year have seem to all come in at the same time so now I have a precarious tower of library TBR as well as my TBR made up of my purchases. My reading has slowed down because I’ve been too exhausted and I’m always ready to nod off after two pages (sorry George Eliot!).

Library loot:

  • The Various Haunts of Men – Susan Hill
  • Herge: The Man Who Created Tintin – Pierre Assouline
  • The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown (yes, yes, I know)
  • Handling the Undead – John Ajvide Lindqvist
  • The Little Stranger – Sarah Waters
  • Wetlands – Charlotte Roche
  • At Home with Books – Estelle Ellis

It seems that I have subconsciously picked out gothic-ish books. I enjoyed Lindqvist’s Let the Right One In last year and his latest sounds just as interesting. I also think I might have a fascination with Swedish fiction now. I’m most fascinated by the Herge biography since I’m a huge fan of Tintin. I never tire of re-reading the comics or re-watching the excellent animated series. At Home with Books is one of my favourite ‘coffee table’ books but it’s getting quite outdated and old now. The featured ‘modern’ libraries looks very mid-90s (when the book was published) but the more traditional style libraries still look amazing. It showcases various personal libraries and also provide tips and advice on book collecting and how to care for books. I should get myself a copy of this book since it’s the fourth time I’ve borrowed it. It’s fantastic and quite voyeuristic, I suppose.I think it’s time somebody updated this.

And don’t judge me because Dan Brown’s in there with the rest. 🙂 I think I’m set for the short Easter break.